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BREAKING NEWSState counsel Victor Juma Owino, Kisumu City Manager Alaba Wanga implicated in...

State counsel Victor Juma Owino, Kisumu City Manager Alaba Wanga implicated in land Fraud, courts stops them as Nubians Chairman digs in

A Kisumu court has barred the city manager alongside the county government of Kisumu from going on with any activity including a scheduled public participation in a parcel of land believed to belong to Kisumu Muslims association.

This after association moved to court to stop the manager and the county government of Kisumu from grabbing its land.

Through its Secretary, Musa Ismail Haji Imala, Salim Ombina and Ratib Ahmed Boiton , the treasurer, they want the court to help them protect their land from being ‘grabbed’ by the county government.

” The Muslim association owns some properties in Kisumu and among them is the land parcel number Kisumu Municipality/Block/ 4/162 which has been preserved for Mohamedn Cemetry and has been used as Cemetry since 1919,” they told Senior Resident Magistrate Gloria Nasimiyu Barasah.

They further told the court in their application that they were already doing some activities on the said parcel of land.

” The association is currently doing some activities on the said Parcel of land including putting up its offices , Mosques and sports activities for its members, we received a notice from the respondent calling for a public participation with the objective of using the said parcel of land,” the added.

They said that the said parcel of land was a private property and the respondent do not have authority to use it.

They told the court that the respondent was very much aware that the said land belongs to the association and they even gave out the approvals for the constructions work.

The respondent are yet to respond to the application.

Nubians Rights Forums writes to the DPP on the same.

The Nubian right group Forum through its Chairperson Shaffi Ali Hussein have written to the DPP over the conduct of Mr.Abala Wanga, the County Manager questioning his integrity over the matter.

They want the DPP to investigate the abuse of office charges against Mr.Wanga and Victor Juma Owino, the DPP boss in the region and if possible prefer charges against them.
” The nubian Forum advocates for swift action and serious investigations into the conduct of aforementioned, we call for application of the rule of law with equality for all Kenyans urging that those involved in land grabbing be held accountable through legal channels, enduring fair and just resolutions to the land dispute,” said.

While reading her ruling on the matter, the magistrate that the application is allowed.

” The application is allowed, that pending hearing and determination of the matter, there be a temporary injunction restraining respondents either by themselves, agents or any other persons authorized by them from carrying out any meeting at Obunga sports complex within the said parcel ,” added the magistrate


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