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BREAKING NEWSSiaya man found in another man's homestead with head of a lamb...

Siaya man found in another man’s homestead with head of a lamb at dawn

Siaya man was on the dawn of Tuesday subjected to mob injustice after he was found at another man’s homestead while carrying the head of a lamb in a sack.

The 33-year-old (name withheld) was found at a homestead in Sirembe ‘A’ village in Randago Sub Location, South Alego Location at 0400 hours.

Also in his possession was a kitchen knife and a spoon.

“The owner of the homestead (name withheld) spotted him and raised an alarm. Neighbours responded and found him with a sack containing the head of a lamb, kitchen knife and a spoon,” said Randago Sub Location Assistant Chief Vitalis Omolo.

The man sustained multiple injuries on the head and limbs and has been rushed to the Siaya County Referral Hospital for emergency medical care.

Police at Kogelo Police Station have launched investigations into the matter, said Siaya County Police Commander Cleti Kimaiyo.



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