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NEWSShowdown looms in Gem ahead of Monday protest

Showdown looms in Gem ahead of Monday protest

Showdown looms in Gem constituency as two rival factions maintain hardstance ahead of tomorrow’s planned anti-government demos.

Speaking on Sunday at Jina Primary School, GGem MP Elisha Odhiambo declared that there will be no demonstration in the constituency tomorrow.

“Tomorrow there will be no demonstration against the government here in Yala (Gem),” Elisha said.

The ODM lawmaker, who has since collaborated with the government, maintained that maandamano will not solve the problems of the people of Gem and that, instead, the government is Keen on lowering the cost of living.

Elisha maintained that Gem is already benefitting from government goodies from the time he declared support for President William Ruto’s administration.

He noted that a top politician in this country (understood to be Ruto) will our Gem to launch more development project around June this year.

But speaking separately nlat Kodiaga Trading Center, another faction led by Nick Ochola (chairman of a faction of the ODM in Gem) vowed to heed to Raila Odinga’s call for protest come Monday and Thursday this week.

“I am here to categorically say tht Gem will go for demonstration tomorrow. Our protest against the high cost of living tomorrow is on. Hunger is ravaging the people of Gem like everybody else,” Ochola said.

In apparent reference to MP Elisha, Ochola claimed that “someone ditched ODM for UDA and has since been eating alone”.

Ochola was flanked by other officials of his faction of the ODM and youth in Kodiaga.

Any other information coming from another quarter is bull and void, Ochola declared.

ODM Women League leader in Gem Esther Omondi said that the demonstration will be peaceful.

“If anyone gets hurt then we will blame the person who has made it clear that he is against our civil disobedience,” Omondi said.

Ochola reiterated that whoever dares to oppose Raila in politics has bee finished politically before.

As such, he cautioned those against maandamano to reflect down memory lane on what becamw of piticians who ever dated to oppose Raila.



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