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BREAKING NEWSSection of Lawyers, magistrates and Judges want lawyer Wanyama's Presidency, cites his...

Section of Lawyers, magistrates and Judges want lawyer Wanyama’s Presidency, cites his strong stand on issues

A good number of Lawyers, Magistrates and Judges are now urging advocates to elect lawyer Peter Wanyama as the next LSK President.

Majority of them says that Wanyama’s strong stand on issues and his desire to protect the constitution and the rights of advocates places him as an ideal candidate for the seat.

” Other candidates are good but in this case we need a person who can fight the executive head on in case of an emergency, Wanyama is the best bet,” a female magistrate from Kisumu law courts said.

She was supported by another male magistrate who vowed to elect lawyer Wanyama. Thanks to his previous track records on matters of devolutions among others captured in the public domain.

In Nairobi, a court of appeal Judge also declared his support to Wanyama.

He said that his desire to tackle climate change in his Manifesto makes him a good leader that deserves recognition.

” He has a wonderful manifesto which talks about increasing the working space of advocates and tackling climate change related issues, he has my vote,” he said.

He urged other advocates to vote for him saying that he was an ideal candidate for the job.

Other magistrates from Kibera, Kahawa, Ngong, Milimani and Mavoko whom we spoke to also pledged their support to him with a few preferring another candidate.

Majority of young lawyers who were recently admitted too told our team that Wanyama’s Manifesto was the best.

The outspoken advocate has also gotten the endorsement of City lawyer Danstan Omari, Donald Kipkorir among other vibrant city advocates.

While endorsing him, Omari said that LSK headquarter was not a joking site and requires good leadership.

He urged advocates to vote for the advocate.
In his campaign, Wanyama has vowed to protect the rule of law and protect the rights if advocates.

There is a need for LSK to organise routine meetings of all branch and chapter leaders to discuss sectoral strategies facing practice and proffer solutions. LSK should also grant certificates to branch anc chapter officials for distinguished service afted leaving office. Strategic training opportunities that LSK secures abroad on climate change , data governance, artificial intelligence, rule of law, and human rights programmes should be equitably shared with the branches/chapters” Wanyama’s statement read in part


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