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investigativeRogue land Regestrar yet to release widow's land report as anger grows

Rogue land Regestrar yet to release widow’s land report as anger grows

There is anger, confusion and mind game as a land Registrar who took instructions from “above” to try and help a senior government official grab a widow’s land in Kalandin, Rarieda in Siaya is yet to give his survey report weeks after he concluded the exercise.

” Felix Mwaura and local administrators conducted their surveying activities more than a month ago and promised to give back the report in a less than a week’s time but upto now they are yet to do so,” said a local resident.

Residents and widows now want the report to be released for an appropriate action.

” No one will grab our ancestral land, we are waiting for the report from the illegal activity and after that take an appropriate action,” said Agnes Odhiambo a widow.

A letter of complaint has also been launched at the office of the President of the same..

Preliminary investigations directly link ICT CS Eliud Owallo into the Saga.

The CS, who is on the spot on widows land grabbing Spree is yet to speak on the accusations.

Mwaura during the day of the illegal exercise told journalists that he had received instructions from “above” to conduct the process.

The whole process has been witnesed by arbitrary arrests of workers, assaults and intimidation

Efforts to reach Mwaura on phone was not successful as he did’nt pick our calls and messages


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