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BREAKING NEWSPatiala Distillers wins Round one as Lawyer Danstan Omari announces that license...

Patiala Distillers wins Round one as Lawyer Danstan Omari announces that license restored

It is laughter at last after The  Standardization and Banks Tribunal  suspended an order revoking alcohol license granted to distiller Patiala Distillers Ltd

From operating normally and serving its clients.

While speaking on behalf of the  distiller, Lawyer Dantan Omari  said in a press conference  that the license  had been restored after Tribunal was informed that the revocation was made without affording the company a hearing.

Through its lawyer Danstan Omari, the company said the decision of Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to suspend the licenses of three of the company’s products was un-procedural and unfair.

Omari, while addressing the press at Milimani Law courts told said Kebs breached Article 47 of the constitution on Fair Administrative Action Act.

The lawyer said the tribunal had no option than to suspend the order and restore the revoked licenses.

Early this week Kenya Bureau of Standards suspended Patiala’s Standardization Mark permit numbers as well as the work permit, forcing the company to challenge the decision.

The Mavoko based alcohol manufacturer had also sought orders to restrain KEBS, Inspector General of Police, Kenya Revenue Authority and National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse from engaging or disruption or obstruction of the operations of Patiala’s work permit.

Omari said that his client’s company is a source of daily needs for many Kenyans as a source of employment.

According to Patiala, KEBS’ action was an obvious scheme to unjustifiably frustrate and obstruct its operations of a genuine business since there was no prior notice nor warning that could have assisted in order to avert the suspension.


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