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NEWSNyamira's Rigoma MCA attacked in Kisii over Keroka boundary push

Nyamira’s Rigoma MCA attacked in Kisii over Keroka boundary push

Nyamira’s Rigoma MCA attacked in Kisii over Keroka boundary push

Gisesa says four goons roughed him from the VIP dias as he watched a popular match


A Ward Rep at the centre of a stormy boundary issue between Kisii and Nyamira Counties was Saturday attacked and ejected out of a match at Gusii Stadium.

Nyambega Gisesa (Rigoma, Nyamira) was among dozens of other dignitaries who had turned up to spectate a highly attended encounter between Shabana FC and MC Seal when goons descended on him.

He said he sustained injuries in the abdomen after the thugs hurled kicks and blows at him.

“As i speak to you am heading to hospital following the bruises,” he told the Star by phone late Saturday.

Kisii County Police Commander Charles Kasses said investigations have begun.

“We have heard it verbally as we wait that he files a formal complaint report. Nonetheless we have already started preliminary investigations into the incident,”, he said.

The football match was underway when at least four goons asked that he gets out of the stadium.

“They looked familiar and… Can identify them if need be” the journalist turned politician told the Star late Saturday .

MCA Gisesa is at the center of a stormy boundary dispute between Nyamira and Kisii.

At the heart of the court dispute is Keroka town being claimed by both counties .

In court papers, the Ward Rep argues that Keroka is entirely located in Nyamira.

His position is, however, against the early political agreement between former Governors James Ongwae and the late Nyagarama who had settled for equal unit shared of the town.

Already experts’ submissions at the Nyamira Lands and Environmental Court overwhelmly back Gisesa’s view.

On Saturday, Gisesa said the goons had early warned him on social media not to step in Kisii over his Keroka territorial boundary push.

“This is a sad thing taking on account that the Keroka was already in court,” he said.


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