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crimeNotorious sim swap criminal arrested in Thika, exposes his colleagues

Notorious sim swap criminal arrested in Thika, exposes his colleagues

Emmanuel Kiprono, a notorious sim swap fraudster, has been apprehended by detectives based in Thika.

The arrest came as Kiprono attempted to replace a SIM card at a Safaricom shop, armed with a forged ID waiting card and a police abstract form purportedly issued by Central Police Station-Nairobi.

Detectives, acting swiftly, interrogated Kiprono, which led them to a residence in Zimmerman.

At the house, they discovered a cache of incriminating evidence, including a mobile phone used for sim registration, assorted sim replacement cards, forged police abstract forms and waiting cards bearing different names, an M-PESA till number application booklet, several ID cards, and various other items.

This arrest closely follows a similar incident in which Kiprono’s accomplice, Everline Alulu Kimani, was apprehended on September 19, 2023.


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