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investigativeMt.Elgon Kaptama Residents up in arms against CPL Shadrack Waunda, they accuses...

Mt.Elgon Kaptama Residents up in arms against CPL Shadrack Waunda, they accuses him of bribery and corruption

Residents of Bungoma County , Mount Elgon Sub- county ,Kaptam ward are protesting over CPL Shadarck Waunda over corruption and mistreatment .

This is according to over 10 residents who spoke to our investigative teams.

They claim the officer has the habit of collecting Sh1000 from every house that prepare chang’aa and failure to that the victims are arrested and frustrated.
” The officer has been causing us Mayhem, he arrests those who fails to give him bribe and when he takes you to Kaptama police station he takes some chang’aa exhibits and plants on us,” a resident said.

Another resident said the the officer would then take them to court with false exhibit and as a results hefty fines are impost on them.

” For instance I was taken to court by the mentioned officer and as a results a hefty fine was imposed on me, I want Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki to intervene and stop him,” the resident said.

We also managed to trace down the officers activities and key documents from courts which shows that on 29/01/023 a group of people were arrested from the village and some women were seriously harrased and victimized by the cop.

” He attacked us alongside his officers, they stormed our homes looking for chang’aa which they never found, they then took a black sky plast which we uses it to fetch water and went with it upon reaching kaptama police station the waunda demanded us to give him Sh 20,000 for us to secure our freedom,” another resident said.

Now residents are demanding the police Authority to move with speed and transfer the cop from the area or they take laws into their hands.
” If the officer is not transfered in the coming days we are going to conduct a serious demonstration to call for his removal,” another resident said.

Already protest barbers have been made ready fir the protest.
More to follow


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