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BREAKING NEWSMP.Barasa tells off Malala over the marger of small parties in Kenya...

MP.Barasa tells off Malala over the marger of small parties in Kenya Kwanza.

Kimilili Mp Didmas Barasa has told off UDA secretary general Cleophas Malala over the marger of small parties within Kenya Kwanza coalition.

Barasa said those small parties within Kenya Kwanza coalition shouldn’t be undermined citing that they contributed President William Ruto’s win in 2022 August 9 general elections.

“It won’t be fair for us to undermine this small parties within Kenya Kwanza despite of their numbers,” Barasa said.

“We must respect our members in the coalition because they helped us at large,” he added.

The law maker said after President William Ruto had won the elections in 2022 general elections they had no numbers to form the running party in the assembly.

“This small parties within the Kenya Kwanza made us the majority in the assembly so why undermine them now,” Barasa said.

The lawmaker was speaking in his constituency over the weekend where he condemned the move to marger small parties in the coalition

This came after UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala had said they will unfold the small parties in United Democratic Alliance to make it a national party.

He said they are on the move to make UDA a national party a head of 2027 general elections.

“We want by the time we go to the general elections in 2027 we should have USA as our national party and not other Nadia doa” Malala said.

Already the UDA party leader President William Ruto has declared the party elections in December.

The move has already kept ANC and Ford Kenya in a tight corner with members citing they won’t fold their parties.


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