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NEWSMeet Steve Michael Onyonka, a World Endometriosis Society Ambassador's son with...

Meet Steve Michael Onyonka, a World Endometriosis Society Ambassador’s son with quality football skills

Steve Michael Onyonka, the son to Dr.Ezekiel Onyonka Mecha who doubles as the World Endometriosis Society Ambassador is a well talented in football related matters.

At the age of 11, the pupil of Ocean of Wonders Academy in Kilifi is doing wonders on the pitch and this has taken his father  Dr.Ezekiel Onyonka Mecha in a well guarded trap.

For instance more than a week ago, Dr.Mecha was forced to travel to Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid city just to buy him  ball as he had requested since the boy is a strong supporter of Real Madrid Football club.

” The boy said that he wants a ball from Santiago Bernabeu stadium , you know he has a good talent in football but I had no otherwise, I had initially  bought him a ball  from the Nairobi but he refused it and instead requested   me to get him a ball from Madrid ,” said Mecha.

The boy is not only sharp in class but also an upcoming young footballer whose passion for football has seen him becoming a lover of both local and international football.

His favourite player is Mpappe and Christiano Ronaldo and is looking forward to be even better than them.

His father says that if all goes well , plans are in place to get him a club in Europe to improve his career. Michael is well talented in football related matters.

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