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BREAKING NEWSMeet Peter Mutunga Kimile, a Rogue businessman who defrauded a foreigner Sh67M

Meet Peter Mutunga Kimile, a Rogue businessman who defrauded a foreigner Sh67M

Nairobi businessman charged with conspiracy to defraud a Malawian Ksh.67M

A Nairobi businessman was charged on Tuesday with conspiracy to defraud a Malawian national of 67 million shillings by falsely claiming to be able to transport cargo from Belgrade to Malawi.

It is alleged that between April 5th and April 25th of last year, Peter Mutunga Kimile and others not present in court conspired to defraud Thomas Burton Coleman (director of Trans Global Services) of $445 USD by falsely claiming that he would transport the cargo.

On the second count, he is charged with obtaining the aforementioned money.

He is charged with a third count of money laundering.

It is alleged that he deposited the monies in his account and engaged in concealment while having reasonable grounds to believe that the monies were proceeds of crime.

According to the complaint, Peter Mutunga Kamile, Director Africa Avisol Logistics, agreed with Thomas Coleman, Director Transglobal Services, to transport military cargo from Belgrade to Malawi for a fee of USD 445,000, which was deposited into his I&M bank account in April 2022.

However, Peter told the complainant that he owned a plane that he would use to transport the cargo. After the agreed-upon duration expired, he-Peter provided several reasons for the flight’s insurance and fuel challenges.

Furthermore, it is claimed that the accused cut off communication with the complainant, prompting the complainant to report the incident to DCI headquarters where investigations commenced.


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