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businessMedia Max CEO Ken Ngaruiya suspended

Media Max CEO Ken Ngaruiya suspended

Kenyatta family-owned media house based along Kijabe street Media Max Limited has sent its CEO Ken Ngaruiya on compulsory leave.

The board of the company decided to send its top manager home in order to investigate his conduct.

The most recent accusation against Ngaruiya is that he made a sh24 million payment to a company under dubious conditions.

What has upset the board is that tough the firm may be his, but it is registered under proxies and has already been used for other shady ventures,

The whole newsroom is cheering the man’s suspension and the majority is hoping he does not return, which goes to demonstrate how unpopular he had become.

Ngaruiya is also accused of being a bully, yelling orders in the newsroom, and even showing up at editorial meetings to choose story lines for K24, the TV station, and PD, the newspaper. Because he lacks journalism training, this behavior has put him at odds with the editors.

In 2020, Ngaruiya threatened to fire journalists who had sued the company when their salaries had been reduced despite a court order.

“Irrespective of the court order, all the 200 people who went to court, you are enemies of the company. If you sign or you don’t sign the contract, washakumaki (they have already marked you),” he told them.

A few days later more than 150 journalists were fired through text messages sent at midnight


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