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NEWSLobby group condemns move by Kisii Assembly to disband County Public Service...

Lobby group condemns move by Kisii Assembly to disband County Public Service Board

The move by Kisii County Assembly to kick out the County Public Service Board was Tuesday condemned and termed as gross by local activists.

Juhudi Africa Program director Ben Nyamwaro said vendetta and vindictive politics by some forces in the devolved unit was driving the motive by a section of the House members to oust the board members.

He said it is all about plans by the executive to reward relatives and cronies at the expense of service delivery.

“There had been no serious violation of the law by those in office, no incompetence or major misconduct reported to warrant their removal from office,” stated Nyamwaro.

The bill to have the board impeached was filed through a private member motion on Wednesday.

It has since been committed to the House Labour Committee.

The board is currently headed by Nancy Nyamwange

Nyamwaro said she has so far discharged her mandate faithfully since she took over following the demise of former chair, Evans Mamboleo, three years ago.

She played a big role in the appointing of current executives serving in the Simba Arati administration.

“It goes without saying therefore that if the board is being disbanded then those same executives who benefited from it should pack and leave as well ,” Nyamwaro.

He termed the move as a witch hunt which is informed by lack of constitution knowledge on the mandate of the besieged board.

” The whole scheme should be condemned wholesale even as we urge the Assembly to ensure an authentic legal process is followed, “said Nyamwaro.



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