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NEWSLawyer Michi Kirimi Threatens Claimant In GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Case

Lawyer Michi Kirimi Threatens Claimant In GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Case

Lawyer Michi Kirimi has threatened Ms Pauline Wambui Gichuki with unspecified ‘dire’ consequences in the ongoing case where the latter is seeking compensation for unlawful dismissal.

Ms Gichuki reported the matter at Kilimani Police Station and obtained an occurrence book (OB) number OB20/04/03/2023.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) sacked Ms Gichuki while she was on maternity and sick leaves.

She argues that she and her baby have suffered emotional trauma caused by her malicious former employer and colleagues.

In the court case number E 228/2021, Ms Gichuki argues that GSK is a toxic employer that employed peopled on tribalistic, nepotistic and political party affiliation lines.

She also believes that GSK seeks to wind up operations in Kenya to escape justice.

She told the Employment and Labor Relations Court to compel the company to deposit USD1 million (Approx Ksh120 million) in court, pending the determination of a case she has filed.

This she argues will be a fair thing to do and has also asked the court to summon the directors and general manager of the firm to explain why they should not deposit the money as prayed.

Lawyer Kirimi is listed as a top lawyer but her behaviour with court clerks and judges is questionable.

Dilly dallying

Having been served over 8 months ago, GSK and its law firm Dentons Hamilton Harrison & Mathews (HHM) and their lead lawyer Michi Kirimi have been using delaying tactics to frustrate the case.

Two of Ms Gichuki’s applications have been blocked at the employment and labour relations court registry.

Who are these court clerks powerful enough to block justice?

Furthermore, trying to wind up with an ongoing court case is criminal, there’s no other word for that.

First filed in March 2021, the case is over 2 years in court now,

Big Pharma

The manoeuvres are synonymous with the illegality done the world over by Big Pharmaceutical (Big Pharma) companies.

GSK wants to flee the Kenyan market after fumbling its business due to HR malpractices, hiring unskilled labour and filling that in its top management, firing some staff, one of who took them to court.

The pharmaceutical has listed its partner firm Haleon, a standalone affiliate to manage the fragment of its business that will remain in Kenya.

The exit of GSK is blamed on an influx of cheaper generics from India and locally manufactured medicines; which have dented its sales.

According to some business outlets, GSK’s manufacturing facility in Kenya is operated by Haleon and GSK was importing medicines and vaccines, whose sales were being handled by its management office, which will shut down.


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