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Lawyer Henry Kurauka’s petition once again David Koros to the cold over NSSF Managing Trustee Misery

The Employment and Labour Relations Court Nduma Nderi has maintained the orders given earlier by Judge Ocharo Kebira that the status quo be maintained with respect to the recruitment of the NSSF Managing Trustee.

The Judge further allowed the petitioner through famous city Lawyer Henry Kurauka to file a further affidavit and submission within seven days.

In addition, the respondent has been allowed to file their submission within 14 days of service and directed the case be mentioned on July 18 for a judgement Day to be taken.

This comes after David Njoe, the petitioner through Lawyer Henry Kurauka, alleged that the recruitment is opaque and does not adhere to the law and constitution.

Those mentioned in the petition are The NSSF Board of Trustees as the first respondent, the Attorney General as the second respondent and the Cabinet Secretary of Labour and Social Protection as the third respondent.

The order now means the purported recruitment of David Koros cannot be formally done by the Labour CS and gazetted until the case is heard and determined.

Prior to the court directions, the petitioner had also argued that the third respondent exerted undue pressure on the first respondent to handpick a preferred candidate without embracing competitiveness and merit.

Other issues that had been mentioned in the petition include the adherence to the constitution where the 1st respondent is alleged to have failed to embrace stakeholders Public participation provided under Article 10 of the Constitution is among other issues cited in the case.

The respondents are yet to respond to the petition and the court directed that the matter proceeds.


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