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NEWSLawyer Brian Mwenda to insurance firms; let it be a dialogue while...

Lawyer Brian Mwenda to insurance firms; let it be a dialogue while recruiting members to your firms, not a demand.



ity lawyer Brian Mwendwa has challenged various insurance firms to use appropriate ways of recruiting members especially young lawyers in their insurance firm.

While speaking in a meeting organised between LSK Nairobi branch and led by lawyer Wavinya Nicolas, Mwendwa said that for one to take somebody’s money then he or she must account for it.

” I found insurance people almost daily in my office, let us have genuine ways of recruiting members, let have a brief or get people to a panel by doing so it will work out ,” said Mwendwa.

The event that was organized by the Nairobi Brach LSK aimed at Launching a custom tailored insurance policy for young Lawyers.

It was held at the Milimani Law Courts Ceremonial Hall on Friday afternoon.

Mwendwa and other Lawyers Challenged Insurance Companies and Brokers to use effective way of doing their business and get young lawyers in their panels.

Insurance firms that participated included, Britam and AAR insurance


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