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BREAKING NEWSKisii health chiefs unaware of maggots, rats at County Referral Hospital

Kisii health chiefs unaware of maggots, rats at County Referral Hospital

Senior Health officers in Kisii say they are unaware of any decomposition of bodies at the County’s main referral hospital , KTRH., morgue.

Health Chief Officer Gladys Aminga said she is yet to ” receive formal complaints that the machines at the 100 body capacity morgue were dysfunctional” .

“As i speak to you nobody has come to my office to explain there are any existing anomalies at the morgue, i request that you give me time to ascertain,” she told the Star late Friday.

Aminga spoke hours after a family from Magenche, South Mugirango, in Kisii refused to take home the decomposing body of their kin over a maggot attack .

Some other body parts also appeared feasted by rats, the mourners said .

The incident which occurred early Easter Friday sparked a several hour stand off between the deceased’ s kin and the morgue management.

The row was, however, later resolved after the attendants agreed to clean the body of Veronica Nyabonyi of the maggots before they took it burial.

More other families later called the Star to voice their concern over the deplorable state of storage facilities at the morgue , many saying the cooling machines were not working.

Early, a morgue attendant said power outages continue to complicate the situation at the facility.

Aminga said she would call for an inspection report from her subordinates.

“I wil ask the Chief Executive Officer at the hospital to handle that,” she said.


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