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BREAKING NEWSKenyan man stuck in Mexico with burnt injuries

Kenyan man stuck in Mexico with burnt injuries

Do you know this man?

He is stuck in a Mexican hospital after he sustained a severe burns in an accident last Friday. But with no relative to look after him, a public appeal has been made for his family to come out for him.

Public reports show that one Francis Kamau Chege was involved in an explosion that left him with extensive burns, making the doctors induce a comma as part of treatment.

The man hailing from Githunguri in Kiambu was reportedly living in Mexican city of Guadalajara when the accident happened. The city is known for its vibrant social life, being the origin of tequila and mariachi music.

It is not clear yet what the nature of the explosion was and what caused it, as well as the extent of his injuries.

The report shows Chege’s unnamed girlfriend has been unable to establish contact with his family in Kenya and Australia.

She is appealing for quick contact with the family to rescue the man’s life and care for him in the medical journey.

“We need an emergency public announcement in Kenya and Australia for families of one Francis Kamau Chege who resides in Guandalajala city of Mexico. Apparently, he was involved in an explosion on Friday 24, 2023 and sustained extensive burns. His girlfriend said Francis is in a medically induced coma,” the report says.

The girlfriend says she needs “help to find any of his family members.” It is not known if the woman is a Kenyan or Mexican.

The names of Chege’s parents are given as John Chege Wainaina and Lucy Wairimu Kiarie.

Those with information, including the man’s family members, are requested to contact the Kenyan Embassy in Washington DC or reach out to one Debra Hernandez whose contact is +5255 722 9 3247.

The Star’s multiple attempts to reach the number on Monday for further details about the man bore no fruit as the owner did not respond to the messages or calls.


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