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BREAKING NEWSInvestigations After Fourth Year Student At Moi University Found Dead In Her...

Investigations After Fourth Year Student At Moi University Found Dead In Her Room

Police officers in Eldoret are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a fourth-year Moi University student who was discovered dead in her room on Sunday. 

Officers were notified of the situation after the student, Cynthia Mutinda, went uncontactable on Saturday, sending her parents and friends into panic.

“We got a report today at around 9am that there was a student who lives outside the school who had died,” Wilfred Mogere. OCPD Kesses told Citizen.Digital

“Aliweza kutafutwa na marafiki wake na wazazi kutoka jana na wakati hawakumpata wakaenda kwake leo asubuhi, wakapa mlango imefungwa ndani na kwa dirisha wakaona ni kama amelala, wakaita polisi,”

On Sunday, her family and friends went to her house, where they discovered the door locked from the inside–and, despite being able to see her lying on the bed through the window, she remained unresponsive.

When they managed to access the house—they discovered her lifeless body— with no signs of injuries or foul play.

“When they broke down the door they found her dead, but he body¬† had no signs of injuries, we are investigating the matter to know the cause of death,” Mogere said.

According to Kesses OCPD Wilfred Mogere, they await the findings of an autopsy to determine what killed the student.


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