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BREAKING NEWSHow Young Millionaire Madollar Mapesa created a multi-million Empirei

How Young Millionaire Madollar Mapesa created a multi-million Empirei

Celebrated  Flamboyant businessman Dickens Otieno, popularly known as Madollar Mapesa is  living life at his best, helping the needy by suporting their business and at the same time fixing some evils in the society.

” You know I am a businessman , I make sure my cashflow is constant and I never sleep before coming to terms with my financial status, my growing up wasn’t normal as u also know losing my biological parents at a tender age and being a street boy in nairobi for 3yrs then later on finding myself at an orphanage wasn’t just a walk in the park”. he said to our reporter.

Madollar is also a former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s dalliance and he always thanks the former head of state for sponsoring part of his education.

” President Uhuru paid for my education, you know that, in 2016 when I breached his security at afraha stadium in Nakuru during madaraka day of 1st June, I was only 19yrs and had hustled for quite sometime to save 100k which I used in purchasing of new suit and a radio call resembling uhuru’s security personnel which made it possible for the easy and undetected access before I was arrested and later on Mr Kinyua who was by then presidential chief staff sent to Nakuru to escort me to Nairobi by the President .From there i have struggle to reach where I am, my brainstorm and mindset towards wealth has actually paid,” he added.

Few years ago he breached the security protocol and access the head of state.

He has build a bungalow worth Sh 67m thanks to his quick skills of making money .. his social media handles is very interesting and entertaining as he never gives anyone chance to bad mouth him . We did a few check on him and and surely this young man is loved and praised by netizen anywhere he drives through .. one of the netizen shouted when asked about MADOLLAR MAPESA “huyo boy ni mhesh utoa chai kila siku akipita na gari hapa na anapea kila mtu yake yake tunamtii na tunampenda sana “. Recently MADOLLAR has not been okay emotionally over his late foster father who past in Australia 24th December 2023 .

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