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NEWSHow Gideon Muriuki’s Cooperative Bank is fraud full alternative Cards

How Gideon Muriuki’s Cooperative Bank is fraud full alternative Cards

Coop Bank CEO Gideon Muriuki in spotlight for hiring IT expert to swindle money from customers’ bank accounts (PHOTO/Courtesy)


NAIROBI — This week, Co-operative Bank of Kenya systems failed leaving numerous customers stranded with all manner of complaints.


Several customers are now claiming that huge sums of money are since missing on their bank accounts while others could not access their funds.


Those whose payroll is processed by the bank had to wait for over four days to access their salaries and the bank suffers another massive glitch.


The massive system outage also applied to those who had deposited cheques which took more than 4 days to clear.


Dinah Mwangi on of the customers accused Coop Bank “Fraud”.


” Ksh13,000 vanished from my account mysteriously by a certain kisingu on 19 June. I have been at the upper hill branch since noon and. Is now 3pm and I have not been helped, am being shuttled from on inefficient officer to another. You are the most disgusting inefficient fraudulent bank ever,” angry Dianah noted.


“This happened at the worst time for most people – towards end of month, when most need to pay utility bills such as rent, power and water bills.


Esther Kasaya another customer slammed the Coop Bank failing her to access her money for over three day.


“Honestly, Coop Bank, how can you make me go without salary for three days. Cant you tell us what is happening. When I call your people, you say the money is in my account, when I check the ATM nothing, when I queue inside the bank you tell me your system is offline, Kusema ukweli why are you making us look like beggars? why? She wondered.


issues resolved case by case.


By the time of publishing this article, there has not been any official comment from the bank regarding this ‘System Challenge’ or how long it will take for them to overcome the challenge.


In the meantime, many customers will have to borrow funds in order to pay their utility bills as Co-operative Bank deals with its System Challenge.


Some customers have since asked their colleagues to check their balances in the bank for any withdrawals made without their consent


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