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How Airbase MCA Fuad Hussein is leading the Somali’s in putting up illegal constructions in Parklands

Recently Airbase Member of County Assembly was overheard in an audio threatening the life of a resident, the case has been reported to the DCI and the investigations on going, ( listen the audio below)

According to our investigations the MCA is behind the rogue activities that are being undertaken by the member of the Somali origin in Parklands.

The group that brag of being strong in the government believes they are untouchable and experts are now calling on the state to crack the whip and bring the sanity required in the urban planing sector.

After the Video went viral , the arrest is yet to be effected but the LSK is currently persuing the matter alongside the detectives.

On his part the MCA said that he was ready to protect , the Somali investors from unscrupulous people who want to hinder their efforts to develop the country.
” Does protecting the investors through disobeying court orders, failing to put building as per the construction laws safe, infact the MCA is putting investors life’s in danger,” said a city businessman.

He wants the buildings brought down and all the Somali’s who have violated that laws of the lands arrested and prosecuted.

According to our investigations even after residents of Parklands continue to protests against illegal constructions, nothing has being done by the Authority to stop the rogue Somalis from putting up illegally structures in the area.

The structures are along the Taza lane and the Mwambao lane in Parklands.

As we go to the press currently, the developer has just brought down boundaries on plot number 209/7545 and 209/5662/2. He also says through proxity that he is untouchable.

” He has been telling people that the structures has the blessings of senior government officials, he says that the KK regime belongs to them and nobody will dare deal with them,” said one of the source.

The government has placed the Somalis at the centre of governance and experts warns that this is a developing disaster.

According to our source, the people behind the illegals works are prone to giving bribes and kickback to some of the senior government officials.

” I have been working on this site, NCA, NEMA officials and those from the county government have been coming frequently and taking bribe, we have an order from court that has halted the works but they have continued with the work, they lack approvals from County government, NEMA and NCA,” said a the Mwambao lane,

According to a Foreign engineer from the US who visited the site, the building expecially the one along the Taza lane will collapse soon.

A spot check by one team that visited the TAZA lane site during the weekend shows that the site hand several cracks and there is fear that it may collapsed, in the other hand the Mwambao works are ongoing despite a court order that stopped the works.

Two weeks ago a casual labourer employed at the site and who has been fighting the constructions over he termed as dangerous revealed that the site lacks approvals and for the last three years it lacked an architect and an Engineer.

Also the Legal Trust funds in conjunction with some media houses will be running a documentary on those senior government officials both National and county and senior officials from NCA, NEMA, NMS, City Hall that that participated in illegality that led to the putting up in the structures.

Harambee Sacco officials are also implicated in the Expose’documentary that will be released in the coming weeks


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