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NEWSFormer Homabay Clerk to return Sh 26 to public coffers

Former Homabay Clerk to return Sh 26 to public coffers

Eacc says it would target assets and other property that are proceeds of crime in the recovery

A court in Kisii has given the Ethics and Anti-Corruption detectives the green light to recover Sh 26 million from former Homabay County Assembly clerk Boaz Otlieno.

He was jointly charged with his wife Everline Otieno,also a county staff, for fraud in 2017.

The case has bern7dragging on at the Kisii Law Courts for the last eight years.

On Friday, regional EACC director Enock Otiko said the case against Otieno and his wife bordered on conflict of interested where an entity – Nyangumi Enterprises and registered in a family name – did business with the assembly where he worked. .

An EACC investigation found out that Otieno was the signatory of the entity sparking arrests and prosecution.

Then ruling was done Thursday.

“We are happy that we got this ruling in favor of the commission. However at this stage we only have a green light to go for proceeds but the proceedings on the criminal aspect remains live in court,” said Otiko.

He said the commission has scaled up interest in seizing proceeds of crime and reverting it to the state..

” We have gotten more deliberate in targeting any property that are proceeds of ill gotten wealth. Already we have active cases countrywide where people have tried to benefit from public wealth current these are the primary focus of most of our probes,” said Otiko during a press briefing at their Kisii office.

The regional boss said they would be further targeting for action cases arising from the Auditor General Reportd..

” It is a matter of time but we shall act, “Otiko told journalists.

He said it doesn’t matter how long would take so long as long ss as justice would finally be achieved

Otiko said more other similar investigations are still going on in Kisii, Nyamira and Migori..



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