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crimeEXPOSED ; How Ruiru Sports Club Golf Captain Githinji Itegi Looted Kenya...

EXPOSED ; How Ruiru Sports Club Golf Captain Githinji Itegi Looted Kenya looted million to sent Kenya Airways to his knees and the court case

Suitwearing with Fake accents is the latest hallmark of corporate hubris in Nairobi. Don’t fall for the act like mediocre Daystar journalists. These thieves deserve to be in jail.

Dangerous Kenya Airways employees Elijah Itegi Githinji, Dubai Bank Chairperson charged in Sh500Mi Fraud

Thanks to toilet paper Business Daily, corporate managers have become the latest “celebrities” in Nairobi, not from creating any form of wealth, but from stealing what was actually created from hard work. Miguna Miguna referenced it perfectly during the Gubernatorial debate as he described Evans Kidero, a manager who has ammersed so much wealth without creating or manufacturing anything in his life.

It’s funny because in Nairobi today, people in the service industry are the ones who are highly-regarded. Mere accountants who manage other people’s wealth are now millionaires from simply cooking books. Other members of the service industry who are highly-regarded are lawyers. These characters don’t create any form of wealth, but are now celebrities, like our good old friend Donald Kipkorir. Others are pilots. Typically people who are your glorified drivers, are the hotshots in the country.

But if you went to America, do you ever hear of pilots? Do you ever hear of lawyers? Or accountants? No. The American media profiles venture-capitalists, artists, sportsmen and women, inventors, tech industry-entrepreneurs, manufacturers and the likes. Our obsession with the service sector has come at a huge cost and the net-effect has been a structural imbalance of our economy.

This 8-4-4 obsession with the white collar jobs has been detrimental to our economy. And those occupying small positions have in-turn resorted to plundering those firms in a bid to live up to expectations.

Githinji Itegi entered Kenya Airways through a lady from Manpower Services Group who influenced his entry into the company. He has a child with the said lady. He learnt the ropes then began the looting. He was a supervisor in the treasury department prior to his sacking. He worked together with other people in the finance department as well as other companies which dealt with KQ to loot from the already ailing company. This began in 2014. In 2015 it intensified. Throughout the process he managed to personally steal over 100 Million KES. This is a low estimate considering how much he splashed on cars and women. He managed to cook the books at KQ, and in 2015 they were unable to find the looting but in 2016 he was caught red handed. He had masterminded the looting and it was as a result that he was fired along side everyone else he was dealing with.

His wife Grace Wamuyu Mathenge was the used to launder the funds. The wife is but a chef at Utalii College earning less than 150,000. At KQ, Githinji was earning 245,000. He was able to befriend the audit department and even got a child with Joyce Ndogoto from the audit department. He helped Joyce build a house in Ruiru using the proceeds from his theft in KQ.

He laundered money using his wife Grace Mathenge who put up a front of selling high end cars but in real sense they were laundering money and using the cars. His wife would buy high end cars and sell them and clean the money after they got tired of them. These included Land Cruisers and Range Rovers. Using the proceeds, he built a house at Thome at an estimated cost of over 30M shillings. He also built apartments in Umoja Innercore using the proceeds at a cost of over 50M. In addition Githinji and Grace bought many high end cars. These include;

A Range Rover Sport registration KBZ 77OW,

A Mercedes Benz C180 Registration KBP 110N

A Volkswagen touareg reg KBN 999K

A Land Rover Discovery 4

A Mercedes E class

A Volkswagen Touareg KBR

A Volkswagen Touareg KCD.

As soon as he learnt he was being investigated, he sold all the cars and remained with the Volkswagen Touareg KBR. He bought property in Juja and the eastern bypass. He also sold the property at Juja when he was fired by KQ. He went on to spend a lot of money on alcohol and women and in May 2016, a prostitute exposed his inability to remain faithful to his wife. He is known in his circles to sleep around and spend many nights out of his home drinking all night and womanizing.

A socialite said to be HIV positive once released a list of personalities who have drilled her vagina in exchange for financial recompense. The lady by the name Tina Joy revealed her “list of shame” including some prominent Kenyan personalities.



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