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investigativeExclusive ; How Love For sex , Why your wife may...

Exclusive ; How Love For sex , Why your wife may be hit at when she works at Benard Mbogoh’s lapfund office

A Kenyanmiror’s story that has  since gone  missing had  alledgly obtained a lot of evidence from some Lapfund women employees who were sexually exploited by its current CEO Mr.Benard Mbogoh some years back. The leading online publication also exposed how Mbogoh  managed to bring down some articles from the websites as he tries to clear his name,  the articles had exposed Mr.Mbogoh’s high appetite for sex especially from young women.

For instance some females employees  exchanged  tough words and their  topic of discussion  dragged Mr.Mbogo in their case, he alledgly slept with a woman employed with Lapfund at a coastal hotel. “We were in the office when they started insulting each other, she was angry and she wondered why her colleague had sex with our CEO Mr.Mbogoh,” said an intern. Mbogoh has been frequently accused of seducing and sleeping around with some of the employees at the offices. The CEO seemed to have a high affinity of women among other evils.

More to follow….


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