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BREAKING NEWSEXCLUSIVE: Why a small group of Somali now own Nairobi, the story...

EXCLUSIVE: Why a small group of Somali now own Nairobi, the story of the Chinese and Baitul Hikma International Intergrated Group of schools

After successfully taking over Easleigh, South C and partly South B, a small group of Somalis have taken 80 percent of Parklands perhaps by bribing senior state and county officers and senior security bosses, with ‘expert’ advise from a select group of lawyers and other proffesionals.

” Go and report where you want, there’s nothing you can do to us, we are well protected,” a citizen of Somali origin told a reporter along Taza Lane, Parklands in 2021 when they started putting up an illegal multi-million high rise units building.

In the latest development, one of the companies associated with this select group of Somalis by the name Ameey Homes, has advertised for sale Units to yet to be completed apartment building to the public, requiring a deposit of as low as Ksh Sh100,000.
” Yes I am a Christian, but i have tried reaching out to those selling the houses but as things look like, we Christian don’t have a chance there, they have a targeted group of people,” said Evans Mukami.

The building was very negligently constructed, and even a court order stopping its construction was disobeyed. To conceal poor workmanship, the construction site was marked “restricted area”, with construction being manned by heavily armed police officers from the AP Unit.

” Compliance officers at city hall were served with court orders to stop the works but nothing was done. Now, the building that was built without approval, lacks a sewerline and its safety is questionable, is now ready for occupation. The owner keeps telling all and sundry that he is above the law,” said a resident from Parklands.

In another site that along the Mwambao Lane, the game is the same. We have confirmed that no approvals were granted by the County Govt but the lacks approvals city hall officials responsible continue taking bribes.

Some lawyers ironically are supporting the said illegalities, ostensibly to save their people. Check this tweet posted by Jerotich Seii and see how a senior advocate responded.

Check out #LindaKatiba on X.
More than a little bit fed up. Doing something about it. Justice for Wakenya. Liberation: third time’s a charm.
#LindaKatiba #SwitchOffKPLC #HumanityKE https://x.com/JerotichSeii?s=20

” I understand your indignation and popular activism on the subject matter, but I’m sorry the train left the station a long time ago. Most constructions in Nairobi are within the permitted building zones set out in the Nairobi master plan. Of course, City Hall mandarins bend and break the law here and there, but in 90% of cases, constructions are within the city planning building zones as provided for in the master plan. I understand where you are coming for, and I know many residents of Nairobi, especially from Westlands, who have similar grievances as you. (basically it’s a class issues…the historic owners of wealth and capital are disgusted and horrified that petit bourgeoisie buying bedseaters in their neighbourhood instead of staying in South C and B) But, in law, you can’t do much because most building zones allow for the construction of high-rise structures. The solution is to move to gated communities in Vipingo, Nanyuki, Naivasha, and Isinya, where homeowners can self regulate.
In South C the case is the same at the Royal Park estate, residents are fighting the same monster.

In Kilimani and Kileleshwa, if Jerotich Seii’s tweets, and what we have confirmed is something to go by, corruption at city hall is to blame for what is happening.

The Chinese and the Somalis are still above the law, ignoring the laid down procedures set down by NCA, NEMA etc.

An official believed to be behind the construction of Baitul Hikma International Intergrated Group of schools that has been constructed on the Riparian land in Parklands is also on the spot.

The School is owned by Garissa nominated MP Hon.Umulkher Mohamed.
The MP opened the said school in 2022 in a single residential house, and has since been undertaking massive expansion by adding many highrise floors and other facilities.

The single residential house is owned by a CS in Kenya Kwanza govt who bought it from Harambee SACCO.

The school managers say that they have ‘very good support’ from their friends and associates who are currently occupying high offices in both national and county governments.

“We also have support from NEMA and the County Assembly. Let no-one even dream that we can be stopped from giving education to our children. It is a crucial service”, says Mr. Harun.

The school has recently constructed a swimming pool on the riparian part of Mathare River and has diverted its direction. There is also no public sewer line serving the school, and toilet effluents are discharged to this river.

“Its well known there are some jealous neighbours and other people, including some claiming to be from the County government. They should know that even court orders can not work for us. Our supporters are in many places, including court. They ensure that any orders are in futility and can’t stop us”, he continues.

Efforts to get comments from the County Government, NEMA, NCA and WARMA had not borne fruit at the time of writing this story.

For part two of our article, we shall give names of the City Hall officers behind illegal developments in Parklands, South B, South C, Karen, Kilimani and Kileleshwa.


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