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BREAKING NEWSEXCLUSIVE: Bring it On!! Untouchable Fraudster Maurice Opar dares DCI boss to...

EXCLUSIVE: Bring it On!! Untouchable Fraudster Maurice Opar dares DCI boss to arrest him as court cancels his bond, has been bribing cops for years, will they struck?

Notorious Fraudsters, Maurice Opar has been terrorizing businessmen for decades now and he seemed to be feared by even the DCI boss and top security agents, thanks to his multi-millon Empire that he uses to bribe some cops and court officials.

To make the records straight, this man has placed the Entire National Police Service and its bosses in his pocket and they can not dare to arrest him.

” You can’t arrest him, the station and some bosses have been protecting him, he is untouchable and he is in Kenya not abroad,” said a Junior police officer.

He added, ” Those Warrant of arrests are nothing as they have been issued above them man who is even powerful than Kindiki and the DCI boss himself,” the officer added.G

He had been charged with forging as some documents in the name o Made B George Gechilhl with intents to steal his land.

The Forgery Alledged Mastermind Is Said To Have Also Uttered The Said Documents To The Commissioner If Lands Wilson Gacanja.

When The Matter Came Up Last In Court Before Milimani Chief Magistrate Susan Shitubi Opar Was No Where To Be Seen Again.

In Brief The Accused Person Has Not Appeared In Court Since April And A Warrant Of Arrest Has Been In Existance.

The Magistrate Again Extended The Said Warrant Of Arrest Against Him For Failing To Attend Court Several Months.

The Agitated Magistrate Also Issued The Said Arrest Warrant Against His Surety For Failing To Attend Court.

The Magistrate Also Directed That Summons Be Issued To The Investigating Officer To Appear In Court On November 2 To Explain Why He Has Not Arrested Opar For The Last Seven Months.

The Magistrate Issued The Arrest Warrant.Summons And Extended The Warrant Of Arrest Following Application By A Senior State Prosecutor.


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