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investigativeEric Maigo was killed by one of a Nairobi Hospital member, Uncle...

Eric Maigo was killed by one of a Nairobi Hospital member, Uncle says

The brutal murder of the Nairobi Hospital acting Finance Director, Eric Maigo,  has taken a new twist after his family members claimed that he might have been murdered due to work-related issues.

Speaking at his burial ceremony in Kisii, Maigo’s uncle said that he had confided to some of his relatives that he feared for life after he was promoted to the position of acting finance director.

His workplace was reportedly toxic and he even had a premonition about his death before he was murdered.

“ He called me and told me that place is extremely toxic. I did not know that it would come to this,” his uncle told mourners, adding that before he joined the Nairobi Hospital, he was working at Britam Insurance.

Maigo’s family called for thorough investigations to bring his killers to book and called out detectives for trying to do a cover-up.

They believe that the teenage girl suspected to have stabbed Maigo is being used as a decoy.

“ We are calling for thorough investigations,’’ another family member said.

Maigo’s body was discovered in his bedroom lying in a pool of blood.

The body had 25 stab wounds.

Watch a video of Maigo’s family members linking his death to work-related issues.


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