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Fuad Hussein, the Eastleigh AirBase MCA whose illegal construction building was brought down by Hon Sakaja’s government on Friday 4th August, is the man behind several illegal developments in the Parklands area, it can now be revealed

The MCA has for the last few years been working with senior City County Officers in the Lands and Planning Sector and members of his community including the MCA for South C Ward Abass Khalif to undertake “joint venture” development projects in Parklands with unsuspecting property owners or even grabbing vacant/disused properties to put up massive residential apartments without any permission or authority from the County Government, NEMA and NCA.

The apartment buildings are being erected along City Park Drive (Taza and Mwambao Lanes) and 6th Parklands Avenue, areas where there is no public sewer line next to, or near the sites, and the filth waste is being discharged to the adjoining Mathare River.

The MCA and his group who included the directors of Ameey Homes Limited, Sustainable Development Solutions Limited and Mansaat Holdings Ltd have been going on with the illegal developments even after the Environment and Land Court gave orders that no further developments be undertaken on those properties. Construction work has however not stopped and work is undertaken even at night and even on Sundays. (photo). Although there is a pending contempt of court order application awaiting hearing and determination, the county government officers including Mr. S.G. Mwangi, CECM Built Environment and Urban Planning Sector has sworn affidavits denying any on-going construction work. The developers, including Yusuf Asker of Ameey Homes Ltd have also sworn similar affidavits but have vowed outside court that “ these judges are with us. No problem, wacha tumalize mjengo kabla ya kesi kusikizwa”

Although the County Government officers are aware of the court orders which state that all the ongoing work be stopped and enforced, the officers have been making daily visits to collect bribes from the developers. This is confirmed in an affidavit sworn by Ali Ibrahim Hamamed, a director of Sustainable Development Solutions Ltd in a case where he is seeking orders that the officers be stopped from making their daily visits. Video recordings from CCTV Cameras erected along Taza Lane show county officers receiving money from the developers and their agents (see one of the videos)

MCA Faud and his group have also set up a school known as Baitul Hikma International School between residential houses along Taza Lane. The school is on less than ¼ acre portion of land and recently, two levels of buildings have been added with no authority from the County Government, NEMA or NCA. Some children aged 10 years and below are now being accommodated as boarders in the school which has no approved learning facilities. It is believed the licence to operate the school was given on the influence of a sitting Nominated Member of Parliament whose father is a relative and a close friend of MCA’s Fuad Hussein and Abass Khalif, and also a sitting Cabinet Secretary.

MCA Fuad has previously been captured on both video and audio recordings threatening some Parklands residents who have been urging the county government, NEMA and NCA to stop and demolish the buildings that have been illegally constructed. In the recordings MCA Fuad keeps uttering unprintable words. He also vows to ensure that “even Sakaja and his small government will do nothing to stop us from helping our community who are now running the national government.”

The writer of this article has also learnt that the youthful Fuad is working with other members of his community to ensure that the next Nairobi City County Governor will be from one of the communities from North Eastern Kenya, hence “we must acquire as much property in Nairobi and the surrounding arrears as possible before the next election and ensure that those properties are occupied by our own people”.

“Don’t worry about laws in Nairobi. They are nothing. Hii Kenya sasa ni yetu”, says MCA Fuad.


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