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BREAKING NEWSCOURT: Former Mandera South MP Adam Haji Ali Sheikh

COURT: Former Mandera South MP Adam Haji Ali Sheikh

Former Mandera South MP Adam Haji Ali Sheikh was on Tuesday charged for allegedly inflating costs valued at over Sh 51 M at his hotel Lofta Resort when he was CEC in Kwale.

Adan was charged with one count of Conflict of interest where it was alleged that he inflated costs by acquiring private interest of Sh 51,456,000 in tenders

It is alleged that on diverse dates between May 10 2013 and May 10 2017 within Kwale County while he was the CEC tourism he acquired private interest in which his resort where he was the director was pre-qualified and awarded the contracts he was CEC Tourism Promotion, Communication and information Technology.

Adan was the CEC at the Kwale County Government between year 2013 to year 2017.

He denied the charge and through his lawyers he asked court to release him on lenient bail terms.

He was released on a bond of Sh 2 million and a surety of the same amount.

The matter will be mentioned on April 8 2024 for pre-trial.


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