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BREAKING NEWSCourt Certifies as Urgent a case in which PS Raymond Omollo is...

Court Certifies as Urgent a case in which PS Raymond Omollo is facing a contempt case

The court has certified an urgent contempt application to punish PS interior for contempt.

The matter which is before Judge John Chigiti has been filed by Lawyer Henry Kurauka against Raymond Omollo, Principal Secretary, state department for Internal Security and National Administration and Attorney General.

Kurauka says that the PS Interior has failed to comply with the orders of Judge Nyaga dated July 24, 2023 ordering him to pay Joseph Kimathi Sh 1,963,154 and another from Hon. Christine Okello, deputy registrar dated December 15, 2023 requiring him to pay the applicant Sh 338,200.

“The respondents have failed to pay the total sum of Sh 2,301,354 despite numerous correspondences requiring them to do so,” he added.

Kurauka who is representing Joseph Kimathi says that the decision by the PS to refuse to pay his client despite an order from a lover court is biased, unjust, unfair, and malicious and illegal and offends the rules of natural justice and the same is amenable to judicial review.

According to Kurauka, by the judgment dated June 25, 2021 in the chief magistrate civil suit 876 of 2029, the court entered judgment against the respondents for a sum of Sh 3Million.

On June 29, 2021 the lower court issued a decree for Sh 3,000,000 plus costs assessed at Sh 271,925 making a total of Sh 3,271,925.

On March 30, 2022 a chief magistrate court ordered the respondent to pay 50percent of the agreed amount.

The applicants want the money to be paid immediately.


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