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courtsCity Lawyer Shantal Saru Lenjo charged with Forgery

City Lawyer Shantal Saru Lenjo charged with Forgery

A city lawyer has been charged with making false bank statement and presenting it at the American Embassy.

Shantal Saru Lenjo appeared before Kibra Magistrate Court and denied the charges.

Lenjo is accused that with intent to deceive, without lawful or excuse, she made an Equity Bank statement of account in her name.

The charges stated that she made the statement on unknown dates and place, purporting it to be genuine issued by Equity Bank.

The prosecution told the court that on May 17 last year, she knowingly presented the alleged Equity Bank statement at the US Embassy consular section in Nairobi with intent to deceive.

She was released on a cash bail of Sh50,000


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