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investigativeArrest, suspent and prosecute cop who shot dead a Maseno student, Haki...

Arrest, suspent and prosecute cop who shot dead a Maseno student, Haki Africa tells state

HAKI Africa has called for suspension and prosecution of officers involved in the killing of a Maseno Univeristy students and shooting of two others during the Monday demostrations within the area.

The two others include a 4th year Maseno university student of computer science and a Bar Korumba secondary school a minor (17 years)

According to Wamboi Fatuma Convenor
Winam social justice center, the two students were both shot on the arms.

Fatuma spoke to the media accompanied by the HAKI Africa CEO Hussein Khalid at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Refferal hospital where they visited the two students.

Wamboi said according to the 4th year student at Maseno University, he was in the hostel reading where he heard something hit him on his right arm.

He said immediately blood started coming out and he alerted his colleagues who immediately rushed him the hospital and thats when they realised that he was shot.

Wamboi further told the media that the 17 year old students was however shot from back also on the right arm.

She said the student was arrested by officer and put inside their vehicle.

Fatuma stated that according to the student, the officers were beating him up on the knees using the button of the gun, and when he alighted from the vehicle and told to go, he heard something hit him on the right arm too and was rushed to the hospital.

“Today we came here to the facility to see the students and we are not happy with this ,and justice must prevail and culprits brought to boom to ensure that this is not witnesses again”.

However Hussein reminded the police that they are operating under a regime that had pledge to end extra judicial killings and police excess in the country.

“We have already lost a life and the postmortem that was undertaken yesterday confirmed that the shot was fired through the neck and today we are her visiting the other victims”.

He said it was unortunate that one of the victims was actually in his hostel studying absolutely not in any way involved in the protest. Whether it was a stray bullet whatever the intention was he is now in hospital received treatment.

Hussein further stated that the case in which the minor was shot from the back is unacceptable.

He also urged the public to ensure there is order in the process of protesting against all ills areas within the society.

“But whatever happens it is wrong for police to engage particularly with protesters in this manner “.

He urged the IPOA and Internal affairs unit of the police to move swiftly ensure that the officers involved are suspended from work to pave way for investigations.

Hussein also told the media that they have information that some family members are already being threatened over the matter.

“We are appealing to the authourity to make sure that justice is done for the one who was killed and the two others injured”.

He also noted that they are going to share out the Cartridges used and the police will easy know the culprits involved.

Maseno univristy students who were at the facilitu to vsiit their colleagues led by Rodgers Omondi said they are speaking in one voice that they are against such Human rights violations.

” We are going to see to it that justice has been served,”he said.



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