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investigativeAnger , confusion as Governor Sakaja secretly meets  Asian tycoon Jahangir Tejani...

Anger , confusion as Governor Sakaja secretly meets  Asian tycoon Jahangir Tejani w implicated in illegal constructions in the city

The city tycoon linked to illegal multimillion structures in Westlands met Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja on Sunday a reliable source has revealed.

This comes days after a serious Expose’ on how they tycoon has managed to put more structures in Nairobi without proper approvals.

The Yesterday revelations shows that the tycoon has put up many buildings and specifically the one in Westlands was never approved by all relevant authority.

“Tejani owns tens of acres of land along Peponi Road, Eldama Ravine Road, 6th Parklands Avenue/Westlands Link Road and City Park Drive,” The source said.

More so, the building called Elegant House, like so many of his other properties trading as Oakland Properties is built right in the middle of City Park Drive and it was not approved by Nairobi County Government according to the sources.

Already some Cases filed against the owner/developer have never proceed because the court file keep disappearing.

The city tycoon is one of the biggest financiers of the governor and they frequently meet at Elegant Place.

“His target is to build highrise apartments from Peponi Road along Gitathuru and Mathare Rivers across Limuru Road upto Pangani on Thika Road, with or without permits/approvals,” said a source.

Last week, the Star exposed MCAs for plotting to enact a bill to regularize all the buildings purpoted to have been illegally put up in the city.

The bill aims to safeguard the tycoons and others interests

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