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crimeA story of a senior NCA official who colluded with a guard...

A story of a senior NCA official who colluded with a guard to dump an important NCA order

A senior officer from the National construction Authority is on the spot for recklessly colluding with a security guards to dispose off an Order that had been issued by the Authority against an illegal construction in the area.

Silas Ogengo officer is said to have committed the offence while delivering the order to Mwambao road where a developer has demolished residents’ houses and was illegally putting up some illegal structures.

“He gave me a paper and told me not to show it to anyone, I later threw it Kwa shimo la takataka,” said the guard.

Normally NCA orders are placed at a public place and mark of demolition is marked if the building has not met the required standards, for this scenario, it was opposite.

The rot was revealed by a lega trust Fund officer who had visited the site and found the order in the dumpsite.

Further, no X marks were made anywhere by NCA on the plot including on the entrance pillars showing NCA had stopped construction.

Today, a neighbour whose sick mother was so disturbed by excavation works went to inquire why work that had allegedly been stopped was still ongoing.

The excavator and lorry drivers on site told him no stop orders have been given by anyone.

“Is that how NCA and other agencies do their work, it’s so disgraceful we want the officer fired,” said a neighbour.

Another neighbour went to Parklands Police Station to find out whether NCA has filed any complaint on the illegal activities.

Was told the Parklands Police Station is not aware of any crimes or offences reported by NCA.



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