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EntertainmentVeteran Reggae DJ Lastborn Dead At 43

Veteran Reggae DJ Lastborn Dead At 43

Legendary reggae DJ, Benson Ogweno Ouma, popularly referred to as DJ Lastborn, is dead.

According to the sister Lillian Anyango, Lastborn died on Friday 3, 2023 in his sleep. He was 43.

While speaking to a local publication, Anyango narrated how they had a good chat on Thursday night and the veteran DJ was in high spirits before he requested to go to bed.

“I was with him on Thursday and we talked about so many things. He seemed so energetic and after having dinner he requested us to take him to bed.

“Ever since he suffered a stroke in 2017 I have been taking care of him and there had been tremendous improvement,” she said.

Early on Friday morning, DJ Lastborn’s nephew, Ian, went to check on him as he often did but thought he was asleep so went to a nearby shop to buy him some toiletries.

A few minutes later, his caregiver walked in and realized the DJ had not moved from his initial position the previous night and she immediately alerted Lillian who rang a medic.


It was at this point that he was pronounced dead and his body was rushed to a funeral home.

“It is painful to lose my brother but I believe it was God’s will. Let him rest. He will no longer be in pain. His time had come,” said Lillian.

DJ Lastborn has been ailing for several years now after suffering two bouts of stroke. The second stroke, which he suffered in 2019, affected his speech and eyesight.

“When he first suffered stroke, he was able to do things on his own, he could walk and even talk. But when it reoccurred, it affected him completely, he could not talk or even feed himself,” Lilian told Ghetto Radio in a past interview.

The DJ was popular in the reggae circles as one of the founder members of popular reggae outfit Supremacy Sounds.

While mourning his compatriot, DJ Simple Simon, of the Supremacy Sounds, said, “Rest in peace, DJ Last Born. My friend, my teacher, and my musical partner. I was lucky enough to meet you shortly after high school at Hollywood club and our connection through music was instant.”

He added: “You taught me how to DJ and together we created Supremacy Sounds. Your impact on my life and our shared passion will never be forgotten. You will always be remembered as a true talent and a dear friend. RIP, my friend.”

His body is currently lying at the Jocham Funeral Home in Mombasa.

link source:https://www.citizen.digital/entertainment/veteran-reggae-dj-lastborn-dead-at-43-n313769


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