Sugar mummies are described as women who support young men with monetary values including but not limited to cars, luxurious holidays, expensive gadgets and money, in exchange for sex and rarely companionship.

On February 16, 2018, Maina had gone to look for work at a law firm in Upper Hill when he met a 45-year-old lady on the lift.

“Ilianza tu kama jokes (it started as a joke), I told her she looked good in her outfit and that was how I hit a bumpy road,” he said.

Maina said before the lady got out of the lift, he handed him a business card and was instructed to call the following morning at 9 am.

“She requested a coffee date the following day at around Upper Hill,” he said.

Because he was desperately looking for a job, he thought this would be his breakthrough into the employment space, which never happened.

During the coffee date, Maina said the lady expressed her feelings and slyly complimented his looks.

“She wanted us to start dating, something I did not turn down. And as the days went by, the relationship got even more steamy,” he said.

The two ended up planning their first vacation to Naivasha, days after he had been given a car by his older lover.

“At this point, I was showered with lots of money. Can you imagine moving from zero MPESA balance to Sh50,000 every three weeks?”

Maina also said before going to Naivasha, he was given a car, which he described as a dream come true.

While at Naivasha, Maina said the lady instructed him to do things he has never done before.

“The BDSM tools were the order of the day. She would tie my hands to the bed and do unimaginable things to me. I did not like the experience but again, I had to cooperate because I had to secure the bag,” he said, adding he was basically her puppet.

He said he was under strict instructions not to talk to other girls and the woman would threaten him if she became suspicious of infidelity.

“The main challenge was, I couldn’t talk to other girls, my phone was always monitored, and could get scolded whenever other girls texted me. She was very a very jealous woman,” he said.

The relationship turned sour just six months after the couple had met. The woman found out Maina was cheating on her with other women.

“Everything changed.  She stopped paying my rent and there were no more road trips. The car I was gifted was repossessed. She told me to pack my things and leave her for good but my mind was already made up,” he says.

He cut ties with the woman and even changed his phone number to start on a clean slate after it downed to him, he couldn’t start a family with her.

Maina, who is now married with two children, said adjusting back to life without a sugar mummy was not a walk in the park. He had to adjust back to his old life since the Sh50,000 monthly allowance and the flashy lifestyle were no more.

He said he understands young men who get into such relationships as life is currently hard.

“With the inflation, increased number of unemployment and life’s pressure, it’s okay to just get the money and satisfy the women however they want but in the long run, the ending is never rosy,” he said.