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NEWSSt. Mary's Yala pays homage to Magoha

St. Mary’s Yala pays homage to Magoha

The body of the late Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha on Friday snaked it’s way into St. Mary’s School, Yala as locals chanted praise dirges.

Students of the school, teachers and education stakeholders paid homage to him saying that he was legendary and will be missed.

Prof Magoha was the chairperson of the board of management since 2016 until the time if his demise.

The board vice chairperson Maxwell Ogonda, who served with him in the board for four years said that the deceased successfully spearheaded infrastructural development at the institution.

Some of the development projects that the school remembered him for include cabro pavement, 2-state-of-the-art hostels – one named after him and another after the 4th President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Magoha also developed a 14-classroom story building.

Ogonda said that the story building now makes the academic square complete.

“We shall miss him dearly and we hope that God will give as another board board chairperson like Prof Magoha,” Ogonda said.

The parents association chairperson Linus Sijenyi said that the Prof Magoha they knew was a compassionate person unlike the picture of an authoritative person that he portrayed in public.

“A week would not pass without him asking how the children were doing yet he had no child here,” Sijenyi said.

According to Sijenyi, Magoha supported needy children to study at the school.


The school’s principal Victor Makanda, who is only two weeks old in the institution, remembered Prof Magoha as a nice person to work with.


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