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trendings newsShowdown looms ahead of Harambee Sacco AGM over graft, corruption and bribery,...

Showdown looms ahead of Harambee Sacco AGM over graft, corruption and bribery, members wants new officials

Their is a serious crisis of corruption and embezzlement of funds in Harambee Sacco and   section of members are calling for the resignations of all the officials ahead of the AGM.

This is after various media reports revealed that some of the member’s properties have been secretly sold by the officials.

” We have heard multiple media reports on how the Sacco officials have defrauded us our properties in Parklands, Donholm among other areas, now we want to see all those officials resigning before the AGM  to pave way for the detective to do their  investigations,” said a Sacco member.

More members have also vowed to push for the resignations of the official especially the Chairman. They claim that their savings are no longer safe due to the increased in the cases of corruption.

In addition, they said that if the Sacco officials fails to resign he will mobile members to quit and look for an alternative Sacco.

“I and others, including committee members are keen to make sure the Sacco gets some new faces at the helm. If we fail to do so then the Sacco is dead, we also have a good number of members totaling to 13,000 that are planning to quit the Sacco after the AGM,” said a committee member.

Another member vowed to address the issues of corruption during the AGM to get explanation on how the properties were stolen and sold by the officials.




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