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NEWSRaila Planning Major Rally In Kibra On Sunday 2023

Raila Planning Major Rally In Kibra On Sunday 2023

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has announced plans to hold a major rally in Kibra, Nairobi this weekend, signaling an intensified push as he seeks to hold President Ruto’s government accountable.

Raila has been aggressive political activities since the beginning of the year, insisting he won the election despite a ruling by the Supreme Court that put the matter to rest when it dismissed his challenge against President William Ruto’s victory.

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He held a major rally in Kamukunji grounds last weeekend, where he vowed not to recognize President Ruto as president, insisting that the poll was stolen. He did not, however, provide evidence.

“The cost of living is up and still rising but the government is doing nothing about it,” Wandayi said, echoing Odinga’s calls at the weekend rally when he vowed to fight for justice “because this government is not working for Kenyans.”

“Instead of working, this government of Ruto is just politicking, we will not allow that to continue and that is why I say that we know the election was stolen,” Odinga told the rally in Kamukunji.

But President Ruto and his allies have dismissed Odinga’s latest push as a waste of time, saying his claim on poll rigging is “a little too late” because he had all the time at the Supreme Court.

Odinga has left many guessing on his actual game plan and what he is really up to, after announcing that he is not “interested in a handshake with Ruto.”

On Monday, Wandayi maintained that the coalition will not be deterred in its quest to agitate for change in the country after losing the August 2022 presidential election to President William Ruto.

“The Kibra rally will be followed by another Baraza on Friday, 10th February 2023, this time in Mavoko, Machakos County,” Wandayi added.

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Also on their onslaught is the ongoing process for the recruitment of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission commissioners.

Wandayi insisted that the coalition will impede any move by President William Ruto administration to appoint biased poll commissioners.

Citing past electoral violence, Azimio coalition pointed out that the 2022 general election outcome was an indication of a clearly flawed election. This claim was dismissed at the Supreme Court where a seven-judge bench led by Chief Justice Martha Koome termed Odinga’s evidence on vote rigging as “hot air.”

During his rally in Kamukunji, Odinga said he wants an independent audit of the votes, insisting that he won.

“The IEBC, with the support of the UDA regime, is keen to take us to war again. We have to find a way of stopping them,” Wandayi said days after Odinga declared he must get justice for Kenyans after the alleged election fraud.

Odinga had threatened to expose the underhand deals of the immediate IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati moments before the August 9presidential results were declared.

On January 29th during a rally at Jacaranda Stadium, Odinga told Chebukati to stop saying Azimio made attempts to bribe him.

Odinga warned the former IEBC Chair that he will reveal photos of him visiting his home.

“Chebukati stated that there were people who wanted to bribe him, Guliye and Molu. I want to ask them why did they visit Baba’s home?” he stated.

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“What did they borrow from me? They should know I have their pictures and if they play with me, I will unveil them,” Odinga said.

The Azimio Leader cast aspersion on the much celebrated Chebukati’s character reiterating the alleged visit by the IEBC commissioners to Former CS Raphael Tuju.

“Those are dirty people, Chebukati is a dirty person, he should be taken to jail,” said Odinga.

The Azimio Leader lamented that Chebukati stole his victory in the August polls by 2 Million votes rallying Kenyans to desist President William Ruto administration.

“If we go back to the polls, I will still defeat him and that’s why I am saying that Ruto must go!” Odinga said.

Odinga has told President William Ruto to underestimate him at his own peril. He asked President Ruto to familiarize himself with records of political movements aimed at disrupting the rulership of his predecessor Daniel Moi.

He scoffed at President Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua for pouring cold water on his political movement.

“You don’t know us, go and ask Bwana Nyayo (Daniel Moi).I have said you don’t know us! The power of the people is the voice of God. We want Kenyans to stand firm,”Odinga said.

Odinga mentioned that the Azimio coalition will embark on a series of rallies in various parts of the country to protest over the August 9 election results.


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