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NEWSPatient's pain and suffering pushed me to be a cancer specialist, Says...

Patient’s pain and suffering pushed me to be a cancer specialist, Says Dr.Catherine Nyongesa

Kenya’s first female oncologist and Cancer specialist Expert D . Catherine Nyongesa has opened up on why she decided to be at the heart of cancer patients’ battle.

While speaking exclusively to this writer on the matter, Nyongesa said inadequate oncologists fueled her passion to choose a career in the field.

She learnt of the inadequacy when her sister was battling the disease.

“I walked around with my sister in search of an oncologist to attend to her. We could rarely find one. My sister was a cancer patient and was on chemotherapy,” she said.

She said the family had to hustle its way into getting her sister costly drugs to help her in relieving pain.

” My sister was lucky to get well after undergoing treatment. But from the experience, I was convinced that I can change lives If I join the profession because the disease is actually treatable,” she added.

Dr Nyongesa is the Founder of the Texas Cancer Centre and has in recent days called on the state to support the war on cancer.

After the 2022 General Elections, Nyongesa has been active in calling on the newly elected government to channel more resources into handling cancer-related deaths to make them drop.

She has also passed warnings about certain lifestyles that have led to the disease.

Speaking on her experience with Cancer Patients, Nyongesa said while it is a brutal experience at time, there is a need to never lose hope when fighting it.

According to her, the number of patients she has seen recovering from the disease has given her the energy to fight for cancer victims.

“It’s a disease that is characterised by pain but there is hope. I have seen patients recovering and this keep me going,” she said.


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