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businessPanic Hits City Hall As EACC Investigates Fraudulent Imprest

Panic Hits City Hall As EACC Investigates Fraudulent Imprest

Sleuths from the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission could soon land at City Hall following revelations that a former senior officer who was in charge of approving imprest used the system to enrich himself.

The immediate former Director of Administration Domnic Odera whose contract was terminated by Governor Johnson Sakaja and has since been transferred back to the ministry could find himself in hot soup.

According to City Hall sources, Odera by virtue of being the Director of Administration was tasked with among other things approving and ensuring imprest is paid and surrendered.

One case that could land him behind bars is imprest issued to the office of Deputy Governor.

Everyone knows that after the resignation of Polycap Igathe, there was no Deputy Governor and that the office had only one secretary and a cleaner yet Odera used to give a monthly imprest of Sh100,000 monthly.

It should be investigated why he approved the imprest yet there was no activity in that office.

Sources say he used to share the loot with the secretary Mary Agutu, one Mr. George and the administration department accountant.

This must be investigated and if found culpable be made to account for it and be surcharged.

It is also common knowledge at City Hall that for your imprest to be approved, you must be able to surrender 10% of it to Odera through his trusted accountant who collects it from all offices and hands it over to him.

This is corruption but because of fear, no one was able to talk about it when he was still in office.

To prove that imprest is a source of corruption at city hall, in the latest report of the Auditor General, there is an outstanding imprest amounting to Kshs.33,247,428.

The outstanding imprest amount was due and ought to have been surrendered on or before 30 June, 2021.

This amount has not been surrendered yet the holders continue to receive more imprest.

It is also known that Odera used to approve imprest even to those who had not surrendered the previous imprest.

According to the report, imprest totalling Kshs.14,930,000 were issued to persons who held other uncleared interest contrary to Regulation 93(8) of the Public Finance Management (County Governments) Regulations, 2015 which provides that no second imprest is to be issued to any officer before the first imprest is surrendered or recovered in full from his or her salary.

The investigation by the EACC could potentially implicate Odera and others in corrupt activities, and if found guilty, they should be held accountable. It is essential to uphold the principles of good governance and transparency, especially in matters involving public funds.


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