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educationOver 2000 Students Converge For Drugs Awareness Walk In Nyeri

Over 2000 Students Converge For Drugs Awareness Walk In Nyeri

More than 2000 students drawn from different schools in Nyeri, Muranga and Kirinyaga County converged in Othaya town for an anti-drugs walk.

The campaign is aimed at fighting the increased usage of drugs and illicit liquor in the schools, mainly in central Kenya.

Teachers who  organised the walk observed that learners indulge into drug use with the hope of posting better academic performance, while others just do it for leisure after influence by users when at home for holidays.

Chinga boys high school principal Kirimi Rachi said that there has been struggle to keep off learners from drugs as they those influencing into use keep on telling them on what they help one achieve.

He argued that a sustained campaign against drug use in schools can be a game changer as it will discourage them from bad habits.

Chinga girl’s secondary school principal Esther Njeru on her part said that a campaign in school and proper monitoring of learners while at home by parents and guardians will ensure that no learner indulges in drug use.

The organisers observed that the initiative has greatly reduced cases of drug use in schools from the two years it has been run, adding that there will be great change in five year period under which the campaign will be conducted.


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