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BREAKING NEWSOutrage as audio complicates life of Siaya deputy governor Oduol

Outrage as audio complicates life of Siaya deputy governor Oduol

A section of Alego Usonga constituents are a bitter lot after an audio emerged Saturday suggesting that someone is plotting to harm their Member of Parliament Samuel Atandi.

The audio recording has many voices of people who seem to be friends in a silly conversation at an informal set up.

One of the voices seem to be that of embattled Siaya County deputy governor William Oduol.

“… Bwana wuo kod William an koro okanyal bet e ground. Awinjoni odwa nega. Atandi chieng’ mane wadiyo Masumbi cha ing’eni ne an kod Whish aboro mar JoKisumo gi Siaya… Jok mondhuno tiendgi. Nyaka wabeg bwana ni,” the voice suspected to be that of Oduol says in Dholuo in the audio as his listeners burst into a laud laughter.

The substance of the voice can contextually be translated to:

[Talk to William (Oduol) because I cannot stay on the ground. I heard that he wants to kill me. There is a day we put (Samuel) Atandi in a corner at Masumbi. That day I had battle-hardened people in eight cars of Whish model. We must kill this guy].

As the voice continues, other voices emphasize that the person in question should not set foot in Siaya.

“Let him not come to or set foot in Siaya. We must kill him when he comes,” a voice says.

Another voice then erupts before sending the discussants into a laud laughter.

“Governor, Janek ok wachga. Hahaha. Janek neko aneka (Governor, a killer doesn’t announce, he simply kill),” the voice, says hilariously.

Charles Oloo, a resident of Usonga, faulted Oduol saying that he should show the MP respect.

“Oduol should respect Atandi. He should exit the scene if he cannot work peacefully as the deputy governor,” Oloo said.

Oloo expressed his fear of someone hurting the MP and demanded that the police should investigate the matter.

“We want to hear that Oduol has been arrested lest we will organize a mighty protest to eject him (Oduol) outta Siaya,” Oloo charged.

Emily Otieno of Township Ward asserted that Atandi has been of great help to widows and orphans in Siaya thus anyone who is plotting on how to eliminate him is not worthy of being a leader.

“Whoever wants hurt his fellow is not a leader. We elected Atandi not to go and be killed, ” Otieno said.

On his part, Indah Sketch of South East Ward said that the statement by Oduol is a big embarrassment and disappointment to the people of Siaya who elected Oduol as Governor James Orengo’s deputy.

“We did not elect him alongside Orengo to hurt Atandi. We, the people of Alego Usonga, will chase him if he will make good his threat and come to Alego with hooligans,” Aketch said.

The Star reached out to Oduol for a rejoinder but he was not answering calls.

Also, he did not respond to our SMS.



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