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BREAKING NEWSOrengo: Protests bring solutions

Orengo: Protests bring solutions

Protests are held to bring solutions, Siaya governor James Orengo said Saturday.

The politician explained that protests are not held to cause chaos and destroy property as has lately been espoused by leaders in the ruling coalition.

“It is not only Keyans who are on the streets; you go to France and Israel people are on the streets, not to destroy button get solutions,” Orengo averred.

The governor who was speaking at a funeral of his nephew in Ugenya said that it is important for people on the opposing sides to be honest and pragmatic if the bi-partisan talks are to yield results.

He decried the high-handedness with which the President William Ruto led regime is allegedly approaching the discussions.

“We want peace and for us to have peace we must have dialogue. We must create an enabling atmosphere for the take to happen.”

“You cannot go into any negotiation on the basis that I am in power and the other people are not. Discussions should be on the basis of parity, equality, justice and a sense of commitment to the agenda of the day,” he elaborated.

The seasoned politician reflected on the 2008 talks that birthed the Grand Coalition government saying that they had a sense of direction which is currently lacking.

“During the Serena negotiations, (the later former president Mwai) Kibaki and ODM leader Raila (Odinga) met as equals. From that moment, even the most unreasonable politician took a tone that assisted the dialogue process in Serena,” Orengo said.

He further expressed his fear over what he termed us people around the president who are yet to embrace a tone that would make dialogue fruitful.

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Orengo noted that the issues that the opposition is raising are pertinent and it is time Ruto brigade embraced dialogue.

“I agree entirely that we are prepared to talk but if talks cannot yield results then we are prepared to go to the streets,” emphasized Orengo.


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