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educationNursery Teachers Reject Ksh.7K Monthly Salary Proposed By SRC

Nursery Teachers Reject Ksh.7K Monthly Salary Proposed By SRC

The Kenya Union of Pre-Primary Education Teachers (KUNOPPET) has protested over the controversial proposal from the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) ordering county governors to pay Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) teachers extremely low monthly salaries.

In the SRC recommendations, the lowest ECDE teachers (ECDE Teacher III (Certificate) are to be paid a minimum salary of Ksh.7,836 and a maximum of Ksh.8,717, while the highest ECDE teacher (Senior ECDE Teacher I (Diploma) should receive a minimum salary of Ksh.15,224 and a maximum of Ksh.19,090 as quoted by The Nation.

While addressing the media on Sunday, KUNOPPET chairman Lawrence Otunga said that they will not allow nursery teachers to be despised and humiliated through earning low salaries and should be treated fairly as other public servants.


Otunga vowed to fight for the revision of the salary recommendation until when a reasonable decision is met.

“We are not happy with SRC’s decision to humiliate us. Is seven thousand enough salary for a teacher? How will a teacher pay house rent and pay school fees for their children? A teacher also has their personal needs and families to take care of,” he said.

“We deny the recommendations from SRC to governors and we say that nursery teachers will not be despised and we are here to fight for the rights of every ECDE teacher.”

Chairman Otunga further censured Governors against implementing the SRC orders, reiterating that the recommended pay cannot support any individual given the current economical hurdles.

“There are some governors who have already sent letters saying that they have started to implement the SRC orders. We shall not allow any county to pay its ECDE teachers Ksh.7K,” he said.

link source:https://www.citizen.digital/news/nursery-teachers-reject-ksh7k-monthly-salary-proposed-by-src-n313858


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