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NEWSNot just Chiloba, Nandi county has over 1000 gays, report shows 

Not just Chiloba, Nandi county has over 1000 gays, report shows 

Same sex relationships are on the increase in Nandi County with 1000 men captured as gays and an equivalent women being Lesbians.

Nandi deputy governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot Mitei revealed that the trend was a big threat to the family social fabric in the county.

She said Nandi County was recording 68 new HIV/AIDs infections on monthly basis with statistics recording higher percentages among the LBGTQ+ groups as they operate discretely.

Cheruiyot spoke during a public forum in a campaign duped “End the triple threat” towards stopping new HIV infections, Sexual, gender based violence and adolescence pregnancies.

She appealed to parents to have time with their children and address the issue of same sex relationship which she termed as “un african” and should never be tolerated in Nandi.

“Let’s stop the silence and we should speak against it as it is ungodly in all the aspects as it goes against the creation and our nature,” The deputy governor said.

Most of the new infections are among the LBGTQ+ members who are identified when they go for medications.

She said several children have had their innocence robbed by either their fathers or foster parents some of the cases have not been reported to authorities for action.

“We want to urge community health volunteers to start documenting and reporting cases to the administration and police for action,” Cheruiyot added.

The National syndemic Diseases control council C.E.O Dr. Ruth Laibon Masha said her organization was committed in stamping out the three vices that have adversely affected the progression of the country.

Cases of defilements and incest are on an upward trend across the country with men being on the receiving end engaging in sex with their children.

Nandi county government has established a toll free help line 1548 in collaboration with telecommunication company-Safaricon to help residents break the silence and report cases immediately.ends.


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