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NEWSNicolas Kibiwot Kaimoi, the name at the Centre of Domestic Violence in...

Nicolas Kibiwot Kaimoi, the name at the Centre of Domestic Violence in Kenya

When you get close to your computer and google the Name Nicolas Kibiwot Kaimoi, what you will see is shocking.

He has well be documented as a violence man who uses violence, rudeness and rudeness to meet his demand.

The man has been written in almost every News website in bad light.

For instance, the immediate story that comes out is the one in which he is accused of  beating up his Ex-wife as she was going on with her work at a city lounge and grill  before pulling of her wigs has been arraigned at a Kibera Court.

Below is the screen shots of his searching results as found on the website.

The man has been  arraigned at a Kibera court before senior principal magistrate Renee Kitagwa where the case is ongoing.

The court papers says that the man assaulted  Bett Jepchumba, a quality assurance officer on May 1, 2021 at Adams Arcade area in Dagoreti Sub-county within Nairobi County.

While testifying in court, Betty narrated the ordeal she passed through on the fateful day.

“I was at my lounge and grill  with my employee finalizing the days sales when the accused person came alongside another person claiming that the had come to pay my debt of Sh2890. They then  got inside the lounge and  he told me that I was still his wife and although we had separated for some months,” she told Kitagwa.

She told the court that the accused person held her hand, twisted it and assaulted her .

“He held my hand, twisted it, he punched me on my head and removed my wigs, he pushed me and I was hit by a table and he used kicks to hit my back,” he told the court.

Another witness also testified in court and said that he saw the accused person beating up the complainant.

“I saw him slapping my boss, he pulled off his wig from his head,” she told the court.

The accused person however denied the accusations and through his lawyer maintained that he never committed the offence.

He is out on a bond of Sh50, 000 with an alternative cash bail of Sh20,000 with a credible contact person.

Kitagwa directed that the case proceeds on July 6 for a further hearing.


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