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crimeMukumu girls Principal says the media behind students death after Expose'

Mukumu girls Principal says the media behind students death after Expose’

Mukumu Girls principal Fridah Ndolo is now blaming the media for the closure of the school following the death of two students.

In a statement to the parents on Tuesday, Ndolo accused the media of having created a toxic environment after revelations that two students died after a disease outbreak.

“This is to notify you that following consultation with the Ministry of Education directors and TSC directors, it has been decided that students break off to heal from the toxic environment already created by media,” she said.

“Kindly ensure your daughter receives medical attention and reports with a medical report on any underlying issue,” she further wrote.

But some parents did not agree with the content of the notice, claiming the principal was shifting the blame instead of addressing the issue at hand.

They raised their concerns in the school’s Whatsapp group.

“How did the media contribute to the infections that led to the deaths of our daughters?” one parent posed.

The parent said the media only brought out what the school wanted to cover up.

“Instead of acknowledging the unfolding events leading to closure, deaths, the genesis of mass infections, disruption of learning and trauma to our children, you are blaming the media?” another parent posed.

The parent urged the Parents Association to seek the truth because it was not the first time deaths are occurring at the school.

“It would have been prudent for the administration to mention that they’re working hand in hand with the ministry of health and specifically public health to ascertain the source of the infection and put in mitigation measures so that we can reduce the recurrence of the incidences. The spirit of the letter doesn’t acknowledge that this was as a result of food poisoning as it has been alleged from several sources,” another parent commented.

Kakamega senator Dr Boni Khalwale took to his Facebook page to criticize the principal after the media was roped in to the school’s tribulations.

“In her letter to parents following the closure of our iconic Mukumu Girls High School, the principal, unblinking, blames what she calls toxic media for the closure of the school! If impunity had a face.”

The school was closed for one month by the Regional Director of Education Jared Obiero on Monday following the death of two students.

30 others are still admitted at the Kakamega county general hospital and Mukumu mission hospital after a bacteria attack.

Obiero said that the closure was in the interest of both the learners and the school.


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